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Urban Creator is a creative-based,

integrated and hybrid communication group

with new perspective and pleasant energy



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What We Do

Love Locker
Data on a Touch Pad
Performance Lighting

Creative Lab.

  • Product Planning & Branding

  • Product Distribution

  • Product Promotion Marketing

  • Foods/Supplements Sourcing

  • Product Research

Marketing Agency

  • Advertising

  • Market/consumer Survey​ & Event

  • Marketing / Promotion strategies Establishment​

  • Untact / Online marketing​

  • Press Promotion​

  • Media Planning/Buying


  • Influencer Marketing​

  • Experiential Marketing

  • Artist Performance Planning

  • YouTube Video Production Planning

  • Influencer Collaborations


Creative Lab.

There’s no formula for success. No matter the company size, every company is unique and requires round-the-clock attention from industry-experts to deliver content that will connect them to their audience — that’s where we come in.


planning/ branding/ marketing/ sourcing

KETO Foods  l  Supplements

marketing/ distribution/ sourcing/ import 

Love Locker
Data on a Touch Pad

Marketing Agency

We provide professional services to various customers,
including public institutions, global companies, and small to large enterprises.

  • Integrated Marketing Communications

  • Advertising in various media

  • Market/consumer Survey​ & Promotion

  • Media Planning / Buying

  • DIGITAL Solutions

  • Online Marketing

  • UNTACT Marketing​

  • Online Surveys

  • Viral Marketing



Accumulated a variety of experiences and know-how by carrying out over 1,200 projects.

Experiential Marketing

Event Planning & Operation

Influencer Marketing

Global Influencer

SNS Influencer

Artist Performing

Planning & Curation

Viral Marketing

YouTube Video Production Planning

Influencer Collaborations

Performance Lighting

aT America_2020 Untact Marketing




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